DyfiNet: Machynlleth WLAN

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The proposed Dyfinet WiFi network (Wireless Local Area Network - WLAN) will be an ongoing project that grows from the initial pilot project in Machynlleth. It is likely that Dyfinet will eventually be comprised of a series of 'broadband hotspots'. Different locations will require different solutions. For example, in Machynlleth it is advantageous to make good use of the existing Powys County Council 2 Mbps connection by extending it with a WiFi network. Other villages in the valley will be better served by independent WiFi networks that are connected to satellite broadband connections.

The initial Dyfinet pilot project plan is coming together and the current plan consists of the following:

The PCC 2Mbps connection to Ysgol Bro Ddyfi currently serves the school and the library. The existing network will be extended:

There will be a 'control room' facility that contains a local server for caching and network admin, etc.

These plans are ongoing and the final plan will depend on the results of the Feasibility Study and technical consultation process.