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Bringing broadband connectivity to rural Wales is seen by many people as the most important factor for future economic regeneration in the region. The National Assembly For Wales recognises the need for community WLAN projects as an important part of an overall broadband rollout strategy.

The time is right to plan for broadband connectivity in the Dyfi Valley.

WLANs use an unlicensed wireless frequency of 2.4GHz to send and receive data. An international standard (802.11b, also known as WiFi) has stimulated production of software and hardware for WLANs. Connection speeds of several Mbits per second are achievable.

The initiative to start WLAN projects in rural Wales is coming from various sections: arts and media professionals, local and national government, IT professionals, local organisations and businesses. Powys County Council have offered help with the Machynlleth WLAN.

Broadband connectivity in rural Wales is important to: